Meet Luisa

Describing her would start with a single word “Joy”. She is someone dedicated to her passions and always with the desire to help out using her expertise. A civil engineer who also enjoys bike riding long miles to discover nature and the city itself. A former barista trained in Guatemala, but her love for coffee started years before that.

girl in black coat in central park

Your Go-to from Cafe Advocate?

This is a tough choice, on one hand I have to say ChicaBean's “Honey”, cause it’s close to my heart, I cannot deny my Guatemalan roots. However, BlueBird's Castillo flavors fill my soul with comfort on each sip.

How do you take your Coffee?

For my daily routine, NY fast paced lifestyle, I pick BlueBird's Castillo extracted on the coffee drip and directly into my Yeti to go. But I like to spoil myself during the weekends with a nice cup of Gesha extracted with the  V60.

How did you fall in love with Coffee?

Since I can remember, coffee has been part of my life. Everyday after elementary school, when I was with either at my grandma’s or great-grandma's, I had a cup of coffee with pan dulce (sweet bread) as a mid afternoon snack. I remember going with them to the bakery to get fresh bread, and sitting at the table together.

My mother hated when we dipped our pan dulce (sweet bread) in the coffee, but it was so good, until now it still is. If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to - you won't regret it. Since then, coffee has been my drink of choice to enjoy with family and friends, in good times and bad.