Blue Bird - Colombia

Blue Bird is a family business that, despite having only been in the market for 5 years, is the result of more than 100 years of coffee tradition passed from generation to generation. It all started in Manizales, in the heart of the Colombian Coffee Region in the hands of Valerio Hurtado with a business of buying and selling coffee in the early 1900s, where parchment coffee sacks were taken out on mule back where trips of weeks were undertaken to take the cargo to the ports.

3 generations of Blue Bird family

The passion for coffee later moved to the countryside where for three generations a strong tradition of coffee production was forged. This is how we come to Jose Fernando Hurtado, Valerio's grandson, a passionate coffee grower with more than 40 years of experience, and Juan David Hurtado, his son, who, interested in continuing with the family tradition, learns that none of his ancestors had tasted the coffee that for over 100 years they had traded and cultivated. This is the same story of thousands of coffees growing families in Colombia.

Father and Son at Bluebird Coffee farm

And it is with this objective that Blue Bird Coffee was born, a brand that cares about bringing the best of Colombian coffee and its culture to those who grow coffee and of course to the rest of the world.

BlueBird Finca

On the Andes Mountain Range

We chose our name in honor of the official bird of the department of Caldas, Colombia; the Barranquillo. At Blue Bird Coffee we are proud of our origins and we want to make known to the world the fruits of these wonderful lands in the heart of the Andes.

barranquillo bird from colombia

This location allows us to have an infinite variety of profiles that are the result of the microclimates that we enjoy being on the mountain range. This is how in each cup of Blue Bird Coffee you will find history, mysticism, and above all a lot of love for the city that Pablo Neruda called the “Factory of Sunsets''.

Sunset in Colombia