Meet Anaitté

Anaitté is an avid reader, traveler and wine enthusiast. She sees a lot of similarities between coffee and wine, which she finds exciting. Day-to-day, she is a Project Manager for a women-owned company with social impact. On her time off, she enjoys long walks, museums, good food, putting together outfits and looking for new places to explore.

women central park

Your Go-to from Cafe Advocate?

Monday through Thursday I go for BlueBird’s Castillo. During the weekend, I’m all in with ChicaBean’s Honey and BlueBird’s Gesha, I have a soft spot for both so can’t say which one’s my favorite. 

How do you take your Coffee?

No sugar and black when I have time to sip and enjoy it. When I have a hectic day at work, I go for a pour over with a splash of non-dairy milk on my Yeti (not sponsored but should be lol). 

Now during the summer…. Iced coffee whenever I’m outdoors! Not that I have a personal vendetta against sugar but I've never used it for coffee, that includes simple syrup and any artificial flavors.

How did you fall in love with Coffee?

Through sitting at the table with my paternal grandparents, it used to be an event. Every weekday afternoon they would sit down with cookies and sweets to enjoy a cup of coffee and I would hear them chat about their days, I was probably 3 or 4 when I had my first sip. 

Coffee dates were a huge part of my friendships as well, my dad enjoys good coffee and I would drink it with my mom and have coffee runs with my baby sister… It means a lot to me because I relate it to memories and moments with people I love.