El Legado - Guatemala

Finca Las Brisas is located in Aldea El Teocinte under the municipality of Santa Cruz Naranjo, in the department of Santa Rosa, Guatemala. 

hands holding coffee cherries

Early on, simply called "Las Brisas", our family was dedicated to harvesting sugarcane, used to produce panela in the lower planes of the Finca due to its topography, while the upper planes were used for coffee. 

The cultivation and the extension of land grew enough to cover the entire area with coffee.

Man working on coffee farm

At the end of the 1960's, faced with the need for a coffee processing plant, we chose to create one, given that there were only 2 benefits in the municipality and none in the village. These benefits needed to produce more to accommodate demand, so we decided they should have their own process. Starting with Witti-type machinery with a capacity of 40 quintals per hour with diesel engine-based generation.

large coffee machinery

The benefit was supplied from coffee harvested by our Finca as well as from clients, small producers in the region. The mill had 1000 sqm of patio used for drying the crop.

Today we have a benefit with a bigger wet mill, that has the capacity to process 250 quintals per hour. In addition there are 5 productive units, with more than 5,600 acres to grow coffee in very different areas, with heights from 1200 m.a.s.l to 1700 m.a.s.l, in the regions of Santa Rosa, Fraijanes and San José Pinula.
Which gives Las Brisas & Anexos many competitive advantages, such as the diversity of heights and micro climates, positively impacting the quality of the cup. 

woman holding basket with coffee cherries
At Las Brisas & Anexos, we're constantly seeking improvement throughout the entire production chain.