About Us

What is it? 

We are advocates for creating unique experiences when it comes to specialty coffee. We have a passion for it, we care very much about every coffee bean that comes to us. We taste specialty coffee in the many different extractions methods available to produce different types of experiences for you. Our main goal is to provide our customers with ethically sourced specialty coffee beans to their front door. Transport them to taste natural flavors from top coffee regions around the world. 

Coffee plant

Who are we? 

We are Guatemalans with a passion for coffee and everything in between. Guatemala is ranked in the top ten regions in the world for harvesting excellent coffee beans. We currently reside in New York City and are always on the lookout for good coffee and a good experience. We started to see a problem with the people who are harvesting the coffee, they put so much pride and hard work into what they love but do not get paid fairly. We set out to change that, to give our producers and harvesters a fair living wage to support their communities and families. 

Cappucciono coffee picture


We started with building relationships with direct coffee farmers (caficultores in spanish) who not only care about selling their coffee but also focus on protecting and caring for the Earth. By doing this we go directly to the source of the coffee bean, with their experience and knowledge of roasting at origin we plan to give you this experience right at your door.  

Chica with Coffee

What do you get?

Imagine waking up every morning next to a Coffee farm and brewing a cup of coffee with the level of roasting and preparation of how they do it in countries like Colombia and Guatemala (for now..). Where your sensory levels and taste buds will experience flavors in coffee you have not tasted before. Graded by SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) certified roasters and sensory experts where a cup of coffee could have Bakers chocolate, Yellow Honey or Brown sugar flavor notes. We describe coffee in the same way that you would describe what you feel and taste when drinking red wine with hints of dark chocolate, but for now let’s focus on coffee. 

open roasted bean bag