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Meet Luisa

Describing her could start with a single word “Joy”. She is someone dedicated to her passions and always with the desire to help out using her expertise. A civil engineer who also enjoys bike riding long miles to discover nature and the city itself. A former barista trained in Guatemala, but love for coffee started years before that. Your Go-to from Cafe Advocate? This is a tough choice, on one hand I have to say Chica Bean's “Honey”, cause it’s close to my heart, I cannot deny my Guatemalan roots. However, Bluebird's Castillo flavors fill my soul with comfort on each sip. How do you take your Coffee? For my daily routine, NY fast paced lifestyle, I pick BlueBird's Castillo extracted...

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Meet Anaitté

Anaitté is an avid reader, traveler and wine enthusiast. She sees a lot of similarities between coffee and wine, which she finds exciting. On her time off, she enjoys long walks, museums, good food, putting together outfits and looking for new places to explore. Your Go-to from Cafe Advocate? Monday through Thursday I go for BlueBird’s Castillo. During the weekend, I’m all in with ChicaBean’s Honey and BlueBird’s Gesha, I have a soft spot for both so can’t say which one’s my favorite.  How do you take your Coffee? No sugar and black when I have time to sip and enjoy it. When I have a hectic day at work, I go for a pour over with a splash of...

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Meet Jaime

As a full time he works as a Senior Software Engineer. He travels the world to help customers engage with the company's emerging technologies. He is someone who appreciates flavors (food, beer, whiskey, tequila and of course Coffee). Lives in Manhattan for over 13 years and counting and as a side project, is one of the co-founders of Cafe Advocate. 

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