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Meet Majo

Majo (Maria Jose) is an Industrial Designer in love with Origami, if she is not reading historical fiction novels you’ll find her with a folded piece of paper in her hand. She works as Key Account Manager to multinational clients at an industrial packaging company. On the weekends she loves to explore new restaurants and catch up on all her shows. Majo is from Manizales, a city in Colombia’s coffee region - home of BlueBird coffee, but has lived in Bogota for more than 20 years.

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Meet Anaitté

Anaitté is an avid reader, traveler and wine enthusiast. She sees a lot of similarities between coffee and wine, which she finds exciting. Day-to-day, she is a Project Manager for a women-owned company with social impact. On her time off, she enjoys long walks, museums, good food, putting together outfits and looking for new places to explore. Your Go-to from Cafe Advocate? Monday through Thursday I go for BlueBird’s Castillo. During the weekend, I’m all in with ChicaBean’s Honey and BlueBird’s Gesha, I have a soft spot for both so can’t say which one’s my favorite.  How do you take your Coffee? No sugar and black when I have time to sip and enjoy it. When I have a hectic...

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Meet Jaime

Full-time, works as a Senior Software Engineer. He travels the world to help customers engage with the company's emerging technologies. He is someone who appreciates flavors (food, beer, whiskey, tequila and of course Coffee). Has lived in Manhattan for over 13 years, carries his camera everywhere he can and as a side project, is one of the co-founders of Cafe Advocate. 

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