Chica Bean - Guatemala

Chica Bean  is where the happiness of a great cup of coffee meets the warm-fuzzy feeling of contributing to a better world.

hands showing green cherry coffee bean

Given coffee’s nature of fluctuating prices, producers are rarely paid fairly for their hard earner work, on average, they make $0.05 for every cup of coffee while consumers will pay an average of $3.50 for the same cup. Additionally, an estimated 70% of the workforce is composed of women but they generally receive very little compensation.  

Hands holding roasted coffee beans

At Chica Bean, they have simplified the value chain. Instead of 8 stops to get to the final consumer, their coffee has 3. They buy their coffee beans, in parchment form, directly from the women who produce it. From there, they transport it to their roastery/office in Santa Lucía Milpas Altas where they do all of the remaining processing, everything from storing to milling, roasting, grinding (if desired), and packing. That’s stop 2. Stop number 3 is you and your coffee mug.

Chica holding coffee plant

This helps even out the distribution of benefits between coffee consuming countries and producing countries. Our model ensures that our customers get the amazing coffee they deserve while our producers and community are paid fair prices. You will get a chance to experience coffee roasted at origin by the only woman Roaster master in Guatemala, Evelyn Tupul, who you will find out more about later on in our blog. 

Chica Coffee Roaster at Guatemala Chica Bean

Chica Bean prides itself as a specialty coffee with social impact. They create incredible coffee that gets its quality and flavor from a combination of the ideal conditions in which it’s grown and the precise and powerful women who produce and roast it. 

coffee plant in guatemala

Everyone at Cafe Advocate is incredibly passionate about having them in our little shop.