Meet Jaime

Full-time, works as a Senior Software Engineer. He travels the world to help customers engage with the company's emerging technologies. He is someone who appreciates flavors (food, beer, whiskey, tequila and of course Coffee). Has lived in Manhattan for over 13 years, carries his camera everywhere he can and as a side project, is one of the co-founders of Cafe Advocate. 

guy in the park

Your Go-to from Cafe Advocate?

This is such a hard question to answer, I’m a big fan of all the coffees we have available in our store, but If I had to pick, today, I will probably go for the one that made me start this crazy idea of sharing specialty single origin coffees with all of you, which is the BlueBird Gesha. 

How do you take your Coffee?

It depends on the type of extraction that I choose for my coffee on that day. If I go with a pour over method, it will be a sin to add anything else to it and lose the high quality notes these coffees can provide you. Now if I’m walking around in the city and I need one, my go-to would be a Cortado. 

How did you fall in love with Coffee?

From a very young age, growing up in Guatemala, I remember helping my grandpa with his small micro lot of coffee, sun drying the cherries (natural process) to later roast them with wood fire and using my Grandma's burr grinder that she inherited from her mom. To be drank in an afternoon of chats, sweet bread and amazing coffee. Coffee is something we live by, every house you visit or guests you host, the common courtesy is to offer them a cup of coffee and long chats can happen for hours. A funny thing is when you start dating, most of the time starts with “let’s meet for a coffee” we know they are never going to be bad, we have some of the best coffees in the world so you know the date will go well from that starting part.