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Espresso | Guatemala - cafeadvocate
Espresso | Guatemala - cafeadvocate

Chica Bean

5 LB | Espresso | Guatemala

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Emerging from a challenge to prepare an incredible Guatemalan grown espresso, the Chica Bean team stepped up and excelled. Using the same exceptional beans that are used for the House Specialty, Evelin, their master roaster, discovered the magical toast that yields a divine espresso.

Roast Date: Every Tuesday!

Notes: Caramelized Sugars, Black Cherry and Dark Chocolate

Origin: Guatemala
RegionSan Antonio las Flores, Mataquescuintla, Jalapa, Guatemala

Process: Washed 
Roaster: Evelin Tupul
ProducerAngelica A., Doña Amilsa, Doña Nidia, Doña Raquela, Ilcia A., Tía Ana

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