Colombia Castillo Natural Coffee
Colombia Castillo Coffee

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Colombia Castillo Natural Coffee

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Castillo Natural

Natural Sun-dried Process consists of a type of coffee processing in which the coffee is dried still inside of the coffee cherry. This process impregnates the coffee beans with amazing fruit flavors.

This varietal was developed in 2005 by the Colombian Coffee Research Institute, Cenicafé, which constitutes 45% of Colombia’s coffee consumption. 

Castillo is known for its smoothness, aroma, and citric acidity. Café de Colombia discovered that it can have similar qualities to Typica, Caturra, and Bourbon bean.

Roast Date: 10/1
Notes: Cocoa, Red Fruits, Banana

Origin: Colombia
Region: Manizales, Caldas 
Process: Natural
Roaster: Juan Alejandro Restrepo 
Finca: BlueBird by Los Cedros




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